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Banners are great for larger COIVD-19 messages and specific points such as queue here, sanitizing station, etc.
Choose from our standard messages, create your own, personalise and/or brand your COVID-19 items...


We provide a variety of different banner types, themes and designs that contain various COVID-19 Coronavirus messages, or you can create your own as needed. Select a banner type below and then scroll down to see the different design options from which you can choose the COVID-19 Coronavirus messages you woud like to appear on your banner.

You can choose from the Corporate, Funky or Children Friendly themes and banners come in:

  • Pull-Up Banners
  • X-Banners
  • Nomal PVC Banners

Remember that you can personalise and brand any of the banners to make them your own. We are happy to help you create your own messages and COVID-19 related items...

  • Add your logo
  • Insert your company name
  • Add your website address
  • Change to your corporate colours
  • Create your own message
  • Etc.

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Personalise & Brand your Banners


Pull-up Banners are a great way to exhibit larger COVID-19 Coronavirus messages.  Pull up banners are easy and convenient to assemble and dis-assemble and due to being easily moveable and transportable, you can later fit your own printed message to the mechanism for all your other message and exhibition requirements such as conferences, showrooms, training, reception areas, etc.

Pull-up Banners are printed on non-curl PVC, include the roll-up system, supporting bar and carry bag.  The size of pull-up banners are:

  • Size - 2,000mm high x 850mm wide.

Price per Pull-Up Banner:

Budget Pull-Up Banner: R 595.00 ex VAT each

Econo Pull-Up Banner: R 669.00 ex VAT each

Luxury Pull-Up Banner: R 1,005.00 ex VAT each


X-Banners are a also great simple way of exhibiting COVID-19 Coronavirus messages in a cost effective way.  They are easy to put up as well as dis-assemble and pack into the accompanying bag.

X-Banners are printed on non-curl PVC, include the banner system and carry bag and come in two different sizes:

  • Medium - 1,600mm high x 600mm wide
  • Large - 1,800 high x 800mm wide

You can choose from any of our themes including corporate, funky or child friendly.

Price per X-Banner:

X-Banner: Medium - R295.00 ex VAT each
Large - R395.00
ex VAT each


We have created a variety of upright banner themes and designs with various COVID-19 Coronavirus messages from which you can choose, from corporate to funky to child friendly designs.  Pair these designs with the upright banner of your choice above to create the perfect COVID-19 Coronavirus messages for your environment and needs.

Remember that you can brand and personalise your banners with your logo, corporate colours, etc, or you can provide your own artwork should you prefer.

Corporate Banner Designs

Choose your COVID-19 Coronavirus message from the various Corporate banner designs below...

Click any image to enlarge

Corporate 01

Corporate 02

Corporate 03

Corporate 04

Corporate 05

Corporate 06

Funky Banner Designs

Choose a bright COVID-19 Coronavirus message from the various Funky designs below...

Click any image to enlarge

Funky 01

Funky 02

Funky 03

Funky 04

Funky 05

Funky 06

Funky 07

Children Friendly Banner Designs

Choose a children friendly COVID-19 Coronavirus message from the various Kids designs below...

Click any image to enlarge

Kids 01

Kids 02

Kids 03

Kids 04

Kids 05

Kids 06

Kids 07


For larger COVID-19 messages and to display outdoor messages, choose a standard PVC banner that can be easily attached to buildings, structures, fences, etc.  Printed on durable outdoor PVC, seemed along the edges including eyelets and a rope in each corner.

PVC Banners come in two sizes:

  • Small - 1,000mm high x 2,000mm wide
  • Medium - 1,000 high x 3,000mm wide

Small PVC Banner x 1: R 450.00 ex VAT each

Small PVC Banner x set of 3: R 900.00 ex VAT each

Medium PVC Banner x 1: R 600.00 ex VAT each

Medium PVC Banner x set of 2: R 900.00 ex VAT each

Please note that in most instances, PVC banners will need to be redesigned to suit your requirements which will attract an extra charge or you can provide your own set of high resolution artwork.

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