Prismaflex South Africa


More than 30 years of expertise for professionals of the advertising world and municipal authorities


Messrs. Bassouls and Delmotte still run the company today and are convinced that a focus on innovation, commitment, responsibility and monitoring of the markets are essential.

The same convictions are more present than ever before and have enabled the Group to anticipate and succeed the digital transition.


Prismaflex conceptualises, designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of hardware and street furniture solutions.  Our complete design and production process is our competitive advantage and having a global vision and full control of all areas of production means the consistency and quality of our products is assured, putting the Group in a strong position to satisfy client requirements by:

  • Creating specific and innovative designs and structures
  • Manufacturing complete product lines: tri-visions, scrolling, bus shelters, display columns, city lights, billboards, structures…


Today, with 3 printing plants in Europe and 5 worldwide, Prismaflex’s impressive printing capacity means the Group can meet demands for large and extra-large formats, and also small, medium and large print runs. Finishing and machining operations (cutting, grommet setting, sewing, welding, folding, packaging, etc.) are also part of our expertise and the rationalisation of our production resources is yet another of our competitive advantages.

Prismaflex is one of only a few companies in the sector to have its own Research and Development department enabling it to satisfy client requirements, in terms of both the substrates and posting solutions.


  • 6 million m²/printed per year worldwide
  • Printing capacity of 6,500 m² per day in France
  • 5 printing plants around the world
  • 52+ wide format digital printers for the Group
  • Various digital technologies used: solvents, UV, aqueous, sublimation


Prismaflex is one of the few companies to own its own LED production lines for LED modules (Shenzhen, China for SMD modules; Boulder, USA for THD modules) and as a result Prismaflex has rapidly made a name for itself on the OOH advertising market becoming among one of the world's best LED providers.

We design, manufacture and integrate LED screens into our innovative displays, making Prismaflex a preferred partner for professionals of the advertising world and the mass retail sector. We also provide high-end and creative technical advice and support for all new digital projects.

The Group at a Glance

  • 50+ million Euros Total Sales
  • 30+ years’ experience
  • 10 subsidiaries
  • 300+ employees
  • 200+ products

The Group has a Global Footprint


Prismaflex South Africa is part of the Prismaflex International Group, which was founded in Lyon, France in 1988 by three young associates: Natalie Bassouls, Pierre-Henri Bassouls and Jean-Philippe Delmotte.

Over 30+ years, Prismaflex International has developed many products and expanded internationally to become a global leader in the industrial manufacture of advertising displays, billboards, signs, LED screens and wide format digital printing, becoming listed on the French stock exchange and turning over more 50 million Euros annually.

Present in both the outdoor and retail POP markets worldwide, Prismaflex International today employs over 300 people.  The Group designs and manufactures all outdoor advertising and street furniture product lines thanks to its high performance manufacturing resources with constantly upgraded machines and means, and more importantly, its loyal employees, all skilled in their specific fields:

  • mechanics,
  • engineering and development,
  • electricity,
  • electronics,
  • after-sales,
  • etc.


  • 1988 : Creation of Prismaflex
  • 1991 : 1st wide format digital printer
  • 1992 : Creation of the UK and Spain subsidiaries
  • 1993 : Development of the monochrome lit Prismatronic LED billboard
  • 1995 : 3-colour Prismatronic launch
  • 1994 : 1st 300 dpi electrostatic machine
  • 1999 : Creation of Canadian subsidiary
  • 2000 : Creation of Swedish subsidiary following the acquisition of Prisma, production of the Trivision product range
  • 2000 : Creation of South African Subsidiary to provide the global range of signage solutions to the entire Southern African Region
  • 2001 : 1st  300 dpi wide format digital machine
  • 2006 : Creation of the Street Furniture production unit
  • 2007 : Creation of the Prismatronic LED display product line
  • 2010 : Creation of German subsidiary (following acquisition of Distec), expansion of production capacity
  • 2011 : Creation of the Blue Tech autonomous sign product range
  • 2014 : Subsidiary in Russia
  • 2015 : 50th wide format digital printer acquired by Prismaflex International!
  • 2015 : Creation of the Chinese subsidiary Prismachina, the LED module production plant
  • 2017 : Innovation continues with the development of the sealed module and C14 modular LED lines
  • 2018 : Acquisition of our US plant Anthem Displays and opening of our advanced automated LED module production plant Prismatronic China
  • 2019 : Increased LED range with SOFIA signs for “smart” cities


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