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Awesome smaller LED screens for areas of high volume, slow moving vehicle traffic as well as places with lots of foot traffic


In many areas, authorities are clamping down on the size of screens.  As a result, Prismaflex has come up with a range of Street Pole Screens (SPS) that are smaller in size, lighter, utilise smaller poles, requiring smaller foundations and can be easily installed.

Street Pole Screens are ideal for areas that require smaller screens in terms of regulations, have high volumes of slow moving vehicle traffic and/or have lots of foot traffic.

Street Pole Screens are ideal in places such as:

  • Streets with high volumes of slow moving vehicle traffic
  • Any area with lots of foot traffic
  • Business and office estates
  • Waterfronts
  • Residential estates
  • Shopping complexes
  • Etc.


SOPHIA SPS - Cost effective screen with big results

The Sophia SPS is a great value for money screen with big benefits. The screen comes as a P6 screen in two sizes of just under and just over 2m².

In addition, a static illuminated banner can be placed either above the screen (top of the frame) or below the screen (bottom of the frame). The illuminated static banner is great for street/suburb naming, company and/or product branding, estate, waterfront, complex branding/naming, etc.

The Sophia SPS is a versatile screen that comes with its own pole making it quick and easy to install, especially because it only needs a smaller foundation.  The Sophia SPS can also be mounted to existing poles as well as can be mounted back to back.

The screen utilises Prismaflex's proprietary Prismatronic sealed outdoor modules and comes with Prismaflex's BBM software built in (soon to be utilising the new better, easier BBM2 software).

Take advantage of this great product which is simple and easy to install and makes a big impression.

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